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May 18, 2018
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Welcome to sleek cheats!
We are a community that provides free and premium cheats for Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive.

General Rules:
  1. Do not spam in any sort of way
  2. Racism is not allowed and you will be banned if we catch you being racist.
  3. Respect the staff just like we respect you.
  4. Do not ask stupid things that have been already asked earlier in the channel.
  5. Rules can be added anytime to the list, so make sure to keep checking out the rules for any changes.
  6. Do not scam if you get scammed we are not responsible for it. So keep your eyes open.
  7. There is not a virus in our cheat. So please, do not spam around asking if there is a virus in our cheat.
  8. Leaking/attempting to leak our cheat is not allowed. If we catch you doing this you will be permanently banned from our cheat, forums and loaders.
  9. Do not make multiple accounts to bypass a ban for example.
Forum Rules:
  1. All general rules apply aswell on the forum
  2. Post in the right section.
Discord Rules:
  1. All general rules apply aswell on the discord server.
  2. Do not mic spam.

Failure to abide by our rules will result in a warning/kick/ban.
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