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Sleek Download | 2018 [lite/free]

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May 11, 2018
Here you can download the sleekcheats launcher.
There is no need of re-downloading this when we push an update,
since the launcher auto-updates.

The free version is undetected for now, but not stable. For a stabler cheat use sleek premium. Also alot of features have been removed since it was just released, these features are now only available in the premium version.

Quick step by step tutorial:
1. Download the .rar archive attached to this post. (WinRAR needs to be installed)
2. Create a new folder somewhere and extract all the files from the archive to that folder.
3. Open the launcher, and wait for it to load.
4. Go through the installation process, and wait for it to finish.
5. Once you are at the login page, click on the 'don't have an account yet' text.
6. Now register your account with your desired credentials.
7. After clicking register you will be forwarded to the confirmation form.
Check your email for the validation link. This email might be in your spam folder.
8. After your account has been confirmed, you can now login with the created credentials.
9. Once you are successfully logged in, select "Sleek CS:GO [FREE]" at the selector tab, and press inject.
Be sure CS:GO is opened before doing this.

Updated tutorial video:

Be sure to disable your anti-virus. There will most likely be false positive detections causing your anti-virus to delete or interrupt the installation or injection process.

By using & downloading sleekcheats, you agree to our ToS.


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